First Sandwich Bag - Spotted Cow

About Us...

Muriel, the founder of Flax & Stitch, has a head full of ideas and wishes that the days could last longer than 24 hours!

As an eco-responsible mom, she wanted to create effective zero waste solutions to limit the use of plastic bags, aluminum foil and other disposable packaging.

Back in 2007, all this came together and Flax & Stitch was born!

The photo shows our very first reusable sandwich bag undergoing final testing in 2014.

What's the story behind the name?

Flowers of the flax plant are used as a ‘lucky charm’ in Sweden. ‘Flax’ was the name of a golden retriever that Muriel had welcomed into her family  just before launching her project. Flax arrived in her life as a gift from a Swedish friend, at a very special time… ‘Stitch’ was added to cover the fabric and craft aspect of her activities.

🤔 In case you were wondering – this explains the reason for the paw in our logo…

The Flax & Stitch paw is an official stamp to certify the quality of our products!  It also adds a ‘lucky charm’ to each one. 😀

Flax the Dog
F&S Global Customers

Our roots, our reach 🇧🇪

We are a family owned business, based in Belgium.

We are excited to have reached more than 10,000 customers in 33 different countries.

We want to help all our customers reduce their usage of disposable items. We focus on ‘zero waste’ products: PUL based – reusable freezer bags, sandwich/snack bags and wraps. 100% Oekotex/Organic Cotton bread bags. Reusable make-up and kitchen wipes. Bulk bags etc etc.

Our philosophy 💭

Quality – Choice – Balance

Our motivation is not profit, but creating a sustainable business with balanced rewards for:

  • our customers, 
  • retail partners,
  • our suppliers and
  • our company.


Our goal is to have as many people as we can reach, enjoying our reusable products and reducing their environmental impact.

Our products are made at sheltered workshops/social enterprises in Belgium. 

We believe in the quality of our products and service. We don’t pay to advertise….it feels too commercial and pushy. We prefer to keep our costs, and therefore, our prices, as low as possible.

If you’re happy, please tell your friends.  If not, tell us!

We only use the best quality materials to make our products.

We value your feedback which we use to continuously improve our service and products.

We strive to offer you the widest possible range of size and design options within each of our product categories.

We believe in maintaining a balance between the needs of our company, our customers, our suppliers and our planet.


Because, there is no Planet B! 🌍

On ‘Earth Day’ 2021 we became members of 1% for the Planet, an organisation which brings together businesses across the world, from large companies (Patagonia, OXO) to small business such as Flax & Stitch, all of whom commit to contributing 1% of their annual sales revenue to a variety of environmental projects around the world. 

Reforestation 🌳

There is no solving climate change without solving deforestation.

So, on ‘Earth Day’ 2022 we decided to partner with Tree-Nation to plant trees in reforestation projects around the world, supporting their objective to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050. 

We commit to:

  • Plant 1 tree for every €20 spent in our Store – with a minimum of 1 tree per order.
  • Plant 1 tree for each product review we receive – regardless of rating.
  • In addition, to encourage and reward delivery via Mondial Relay, we will plant an extra tree when Mondial Relay is chosen as the shipping method.