Reusable Freezer Bags

Zero Waste


Flax & Stitch, home of the original durable, reusable freezer bags - the Flaxie Freeze


Stop using those single use plastic freezer bags and take another giant stride down the road towards destination ‘zero waste’.  👍​​

Our ‘Flaxie Freeze’ reusable freezer bags are made from the same PUL fabric as our range of Flaxie lunch bags. Certified food safe (EU & USA), BPA & PVC free, water resistant and machine/hand washable, these hardwearing bags are perfect for freezing fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat, bread….anything except liquids really!

The freezer bag closes with a double fold and snaps. Why snaps? We made and tested many prototypes in the process of creating the final version. We found that using a zip restricted the opening of the bag and food could get caught in the teeth of the zip when placing it in the bag. We tried Velcro. This worked better but…again…when food rubs against it, some could be trapped in the velcro. Not nice. Snaps allow a more flexible opening and provide a hygienic closure. 

To provide a reliable, freezer proof closure, we use genuine ‘KAM’ brand snaps. These high quality snaps are made from polyacetal resin, a very strong, durable plastic and are BPA-free. KAM snaps have been tested for lead and phthalate content and are CPSIA-compliant for children’s products.

Choose a colour for each food group and/or stick on a label for easy identification.  You can also write directly on the bag with a pen – just be careful to use washable ink! 

❄️🥩🧊🐟❄️🥬🧊 Certified Food Safe

Our PUL fabric is certified to comply with food safety standards following laboratory tests for repeated use, contact with fat, meat, fish... all types of food!

This is important - so we commissioned our own tests in addition to those of the manufacturer. ✅

Machine Washable
🌍🌱 Easy Care

Dishwasher, washing machine or hand wash. PUL dries quickly - tumble drying not required nor recommended.

Health & Safety
60°C - 🦠🔫 Wash Safe
We use high quality PUL fabric which can be washed safely at a microbe killing 60°C as and when required. Lower quality PUL can only be washed at up to 40°C...
500000+ single use bags avoided ♻️✅
If we assume that each Flaxie Freeze sold since January 2019 has prevented the use of 1 plastic freezer bag per month then together we have prevented over half a million items of plastic waste. 🙏🫶

Reusable Freezer Bag Formats



35 cm (w) x 40 cm (h) 



30 cm (w) x 31 cm (h) 


27 cm (w) x 27 cm (h) 


24 cm (w) x 22 cm (h) 


15 cm (w) x 15 cm (h)

What do our customers say...?

5 sizes in 23 colours, makes for a colourful freezer!

Flaxie Freeze - Reusable Freezer Bags - Size Comparison - Flax & Stitch
Model Size Closed
(W x H)
XXL 35cm x 40cm 8.5 litres €21.00
XL 30cm x 31cm 4.5 litres €18.00
Large 27cm x 27cm 3 litres €13.00
Medium 24cm x 22cm 1.75 litres €9.50
Small 15cm x 15cm 0.5 litre €6.50
Made in Belgium - Flax & Stitch

Belgian TV RTBF  – On n’est pas des pigeons

tested the Flaxie Freeze – starts at 1:45 mins

How best to open the snaps....?!

Once you have the technique, it’s really easy! 

Don’t worry, you won’t tear the PUL fabric, nor will you break the snap! Our PUL is super strong and the snaps open easily. 

Tip: Roll them open with your thumb, don’t prise with your nails!