Flaxie Sponge Cloths

Reduce your consumption of paper kitchen towels with our environmentally friendly, long lasting, hygienic sponge cloths.

Environmentally Friendly

Our ‘Flaxie Sponge Cloths’ are made in Europe from 100% biodegradable materials:

  • 30% cotton
  • 70% cellulose
    • sourced from FSC-labelled European forests
  • Water based, eco-friendly inks

At the end of their long and useful life, the sponge cloth can be composted (and will decompose in 6-8 weeks) or be recycled with cardboard.

Made from sustainable materials. 100% compostable. ♻️ ✅

Long Lasting

Our sponge cloths are very hardwearing. They can be washed in the washing machine, or dishwasher, or boiled and reused many, many times.

An environmentally sound way to sanitise the sponge cloth is simply to wet it and then microwave for 60 seconds.

After washing, wring it out and leave to air dry.

In our experience, a properly cared for sponge cloth should last for around 9-12 months.
That’s a LOT of paper towels! 


You will not want to go back to paper or artificial sponges once you’ve used a Flaxie sponge cloth!

It softens when wet and dries quickly, so it doesn’t breed bacteria….much more hygienic that a perpetually damp, smelly sponge.

    Flaxie Sponge Cloths

    Flaxie Sponge Cloth - Standard - Flax & Stitch
    5 for €20.00
    Saving 20%

    17cm (w) x 20cm (h)

    5 for €27.50
    Saving 15%

    26cm (w) x 30cm (h)


    5 for €32.50
    Saving 15%

    30cm (w) x 40cm (h) 

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    Model Size (W x H) Price
    Standard 17cm x 20cm €5.00
    Large 26cm x 30cm €6.50
    XL 30cm x 40cm €7.50

    Environmentally friendly, durable and hygienic.