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Bamboo Drinking Straw: 14cm Medium

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Price is per Straw

Our Bamboo straws are made by be-Straw.

Bamboo straws are customizable, strong, durable and do not contain dye or ink. Each 14 cm bamboo straw is made from a single bamboo rod, unique in its own variance in colour, thickness, texture and diameter.

No pesticides or chemicals are used in the manufacture of these beautiful be-Straw Bamboo straws! Bamboo is a resource that renews itself quickly and has natural anti-microbial properties. Moso bamboo, used for making our straws, is not consumed by pandas. It grows naturally without adding chemicals and can grow up to 1 meter each day. The plant does not die after harvest (as is the case with trees), so there is no deforestation.

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