Flax & Stitch

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Made in Belgium - Flax & Stitch


"My mask protects you and your mask protects me."

Flax & Stitch masks are made of two layers of cotton fabric, pleated four times for a great fit and are kept in place by a loop of elastic on each side which passes around the ears.

The cotton on the external layer is in various patterns (Oekotex certified) whilst the interior layer is unbleached, untreated organic cotton.

There is also an opening between the two layers that allows a third layer to slide in and act as a filter. This could be a paper towel, a coffee filter, a vacuum cleaner filter, a Swiffer style wipe, etc.

This mask does not claim to be a surgical mask!

The mask does not protect you from the COVID-19. The mask acts as an additional barrier to prevent the spread of the virus from an infected person into the surrounding environment.

Made according to the recommendations of the SPF Public Health and AFNOR, cotton masks are to be used 2 to 3 hours (4 hours maximum). The mask should then be washed at 60C and ironed.

Our 'Flaxie Baguette' or 'Slim & Long' bags are perfect for keeping your mask clean and safe when you're not wearing it. Also good to store your used mask (4 hours max) before washing both at 60C. 🙂

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Note: Masks are a complement to the other recommended measures: staying home, social distancing, washing your hands frequently with soap and water, etc.